Worst customer support team

My vkyc was completed from federal bank, but Jupiter rejected it saying cannot onboard you as an verified user for data mismatch, they would have not opened the account if there was any data mismatch. it’s been 2 weeks since I asked the support team to rectify it, but no updates from them, please delete my account if there is any data mismatch so that I can open similar account in fi money. I would not recommend the app to any of my friends and relatives considering the level of customer support.

@Subhendu_Hazra I am sorry for this experience. I’m personally looking into the matter and will change this experience for you. Please give me some time to get back to you with an update. Also, DMed my number for a quick connection.

Customer support is really worst, seems totally irresponsible. Sharing my first experience, hard to trust. They leave u in the middle of concern and never respond again.