Which of the digital bank apps you've used?

  • DigiBank by DBS
  • Kotak 811
  • Yono by SBI
  • Any other (mention in the comments)
  • Haven’t tried any yet

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and what feature did you value the most?

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I have started my digibank journey with DBS digibank, account opening was smooth, I used the love the features such as Unlimited ATM withdrawals and better interest rates, now it has reduced both of those features. App and support are good too.

Kotak 811, I personally had a very bad experience with opening an account, the bank fees are very high, I haven’t used it much and closed it soon.

I do have YONO by sbi app on my phone, but I do rarely use it.

I have also used Paytm payments bank, I liked the FD feature in it where there wouldn’t be any charges when redeemed before maturity.

I recently started using Niyo bank, it does have all the features like zero forex markup, unlimited atm withdrawals, and a good rate of interest. Customer service on whats app is a good feature.

Let’s see what Jupiter will be like :slight_smile:


+1 with dhanvi on the Paytm banks experience.

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I also hardly use my Kotak account, mostly because my primary account changed due to a change in employer. It has been dormant for some time. But never spent the time and effort on closing the account.

What was the process like and how much time did it take?

I was having a Kotak 811 bank account not the salary/offline one.

The irony about closing 811 account was that you had to pay fees for closing account if you are closing account within 6 months of opening it, so I waited for 6 months to complete and closed.

Closing the bank account went smooth and I think it took like a few days. (less than a week)

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Closed my kotak bank few years back at bank branch.

Make sure you take a reference number for the closure request. Have to followup multiple times.

If you don’t close, they will convert it to normal savings account and keep debiting money of you don’t have prescribed balance. So, better to close it just to keep things clean.

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Hi @dhanvi

Is Niyo bank offering savings account? If yes, what’s thr interest rate ?

If you can, please refer me.

6% upto 1lakh and 7% above 1lakh

download from here https://www.goniyo.com/