Which bank/CC app has the best interface?

I have accounts in 10 different bank accounts and I find the Jupiter app to be the most intuitive and easy to use.

Generally neo banks have better interface others I like are:

  • Jupiter
  • NiyoX
  • Niyo Global
  • Paytm

Some of the worst are

  • HDFC
  • SBI

In credit card app catagory i think one card app most advanced
In banking catagory both Jupiter & FI with advanced features & possibility of many upcoming features


Agree on your observation on the HDFC bank app feeling dated

The new kotak 811 app is also good, it lacks features currently as it is in beta. It is inspired from google pay so looks kind of material. Niyox has some good UI elements while rest of it feels a bit dated/ simple.

Other than that Jupiter has the best UI as of now, just love it :rocket: .


Hdfc bank inspite of having more than 18 million credit card doesn’t have dedicated mobile app for cc only users… Only PWA mycard app which requires otp login everytime…
One card application inspite of having just 1.5/2 million user base… So beautiful advance feature app.

Not only worst interface/ui, it’s security also worst. You can take screenshot anywhere inside hdfc app, even during password screen also.

Banks: New kotak app , jupiter

Niyox and niyo global looks clean but feels buggy.
Au bank’s app looks good and it is simple but feels like a web app.

Credit card: onecard (never used any other ones other than axis and onecard)

Can you link me the new kotak app, or tell me where i can find it? i looked it up but couldn’t find any info about it

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See if this link works for you? The app is early access so not much features are included

Here you go the link to the app

Is it not available in google play?

Its for only available for limited beta users.

  1. Jupiter Money
  2. Niyo (the old one with IDFC Bank account)
  3. Paytm Payments Bank - too basic but serves it’s purpose
  4. Fi Money (it’s too gloomy for me)

What would happen if the major banks wake up to better app design? Neo banks may not exist.

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DBS Digibank has a very minimal & functional interface on both it’s mobile banking app and internet banking site.

And a cool thing about DBS app is that you don’t have to enter the PIN a lot. The backend security takes care of that. I am not sure how they do it. But it sure is convenient.

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Niyo global or niyox :thinking:.

Niyo had an account with IDFC too :hushed:

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