Let's talk about Debit cards! 💳

Hey everyone! @researchcentre

We’d like to speak to the community and understand a few things about Debit cards and their usage. It will be a quick conversation :crossed_fingers:t4:

Topics on:

  • Which Debit cards do you use?
  • Why did you select those Debit cards?
  • What kind of offers do you get/avail from your Debit cards?

So, are you in?

  • Yes! Count me in :rocket:
  • Maybe later :pensive:

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Once you pick yes, we’ll contact you over DM for details. Then we agree on a meeting time and send you an invite.

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Rarely I use debit card. Credit card is better


Debit card gives me more control over my spendings

Same here.
Need debit card for cash withdrawal only. For everything else, credit card is there.


I use SBI Yono Cash withdrawal its very easy peasy don’t need a debit card also just put how much you want to withdraw and just enter same code which is send via sms

Yono QR cash withdraw is even more simple just scan the Qr and your money is out.

Yeah… but need to have sbi atm for cardless withdrawal. That sometimes become a headache.

Btw… How does yono qr code work? It needs Yono app or any upi app will do?

Yes its need Yono Lite app


I use hdfc debit cards for credit card bill payment. It gives me 1% cashback.

Apart from that i hold a hdfc rewards debit card which has 5% cashback on payzapp (for recharge, electricity and other bill payments) and on bpcl(only hdfc pos machines). Couldn’t get a better value back than that.

I hold other debit cards too but don’t use them unless there are merchant offers or need to withdraw cash.

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HDFC Debit card gives you 1% cb on cc bill payment? Cool I don’t know it I should order this card because regularly I paid Cc bills.

It is millennia debit card?

Millennia gives 1% upto 400 on Paytm wallet loads and we can pay cc bills from Paytm wallet (some have started getting charges for this so check).

2nd option is to pay on mobikwik directly using millennia debit card. You will get 2.5% cashback here. So 16k bill will fetch you all 400 points. The only drawback is maximum Capping and it takes 90 days for credit. Also, Points to be redeemed only in multiples of 400.

The better (and my preferred option ) is to get hdfc easyshop platinum debit card. This card also rewards for cc payments when done via hdfc bill pay. The capping also being 750 per month and points also credited within 2-3 working days. The only drawback here is we cannot pay hdfc bank credit card bill here. Of course, here also points redemption has a condition i e. Points to be redeemed in multiples of 250.


are are I have this debit card its comes with the annual fee of Rs.880 taxes included.

But I don’t knew it thanks budd yesterday I paid a big amount cc bill and I was not aware of this.

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Use it from next payments. Additionally if you can maintain 25k do upgrade to savings max account with which the debit card is free. Else the cc bill payment benefit is always a good thing.

I got this debit card for free as I complaint against my home branch and nodal officer provided the reversal.

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Do you have any kind of link? because I am confused whether I need to pay via PayZapp? or a auto bill payment? Or via their web site?

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I prefer debit card. Currently I’m using Fi, because their rewards systems is way more addictive than Jupiter’s (no dig on you guys. I’m sure you’ll come up with a much better mechanism any day now)

Anyhoo, back to why debit cards. It’s because I want you to earn. Interchange is an important avenue for revenue, and I get it. I want y’all to grow. :slight_smile:


No link as such. But i hope the below helps -

In netbanking

Login-> select billpay tab → add new biller → credit card → select bank → enter details and amount to be paid → change payment mode from netbanking to debit card-> pay

In mobile app

Login → pay section → bill pay → add new biller → credit card → select bank → enter details and amount to be paid → change payment mode from netbanking to debit card-> pay

Points credited in 2 working days.

Cashback will also take another 2 working days post redemption.


Aah! Thank you for the help

@Research_centre Folks, is there anyone else who would like to join us for the catchup?
This one is for Debit cards. There also’s another one for US stocks. Here - All about US stocks and usage

Lemme know! You can DM me if you’re interested and pick one! …or both :slight_smile:

Well ZERO FOREX CHARGES LIKE FI BANK. Imposing Limit of 25K is not great tbh.Impose minimum maintainable balance to enjoy the benefit but Forex charges should be zero for all txns without monetary limits except TCS


It’s a great experience talking with you @Abhisha ma’am

I am thankful to you for giving me this opportunity.

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