Introducing the research centre 🔬

Hey everyone!

We’ve been connecting with a lot of folks in the community on a 1-to-1 basis. Many have gotten on calls with our product and marketing teams for various research + casual chat. This helped us a lot. :grin:

So, how about we make it official?
Introducing a new category - Research centre :microscope:

Purpose of this category:

  1. Jupiter team and community folks get to connect with each other.
  2. Share ideas, and opinions on various kinds of topics.

So how do we connect?

  1. We created a subgroup here - Research centre - Jupiter Community
    It’s open to the public. You can join here.
  2. We will create a topic under the research centre category once in a while and tag @Research_centre folks so that you will be notified if anything is up.
  3. The topic will include things that are needed from you, what’s it about, and a simple (Yes/No) poll.
  4. Those who answer yes/interested folks, we’ll connect with you via DM’s/comments and take it from there. Details like Email ID should be shared so that we can send you invites for Google meet/Zoom, etc.

More info on this soon.
Thanks and have a great day!


Fab idea! Keep up the good work squad.

Good initiative indeed! Joined

Good move :+1:

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