(Experimental) Chat feature for Community 💬

Hello everyone!

After multiple requests from our members, we finally decided to have a chat feature for our Community! :speech_balloon:

What is it?

Soon, our members will have access to chat casually with other members and have private conversations with others in a seamless way. :grin:

Currently, to converse with others, we have:

  • Ability to post comments under a thread
  • Ability to make threads
  • Ability to chat privately (DM)

Coming soon:

  • Ability to join a channel separately and chat like WhatsApp/Slack/Discord, etc

Here’s what it would look like:

Icon placement:
Top right


Chat overview

Private chat/channel view

While the team was testing this, we noticed it can be enabled for a group/certain set of users.

We wanted to know who to enable this feature for since we’ll be using it in the end.

  • Community Champs - Special privilege
  • Only for Active members - level (3&4)
  • Opt in basis via Group
  • All users? Would be spammy.

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  • We can limit the notifications to mention only. So you won’t get spammed if you’re not online.
  • We can create multiple channels but the access for all the channels will be based on who can see them (Based on the poll above)
  • You can join multiple channels and leave them at any point of time. However, once you leave, you cannot rejoin them. This can be fixed by asking any admin/mods. We can add any member to the channels.

Does it affect leaderboard points?

We’re not sure yet. Though, we’d like your help in order to test this theory.
We think chatting in channels might not contribute to the leaderboard.

Overall, the chat system is pretty clean and fun. It could replace our direct message system since it’s like a thousand clicks away :blob_worried:

How we could use this?

  1. For direct chat (1on1)
  2. Casual chats that aren’t relevant to the thread topic (Avoids spam)

Let us know your thoughts on this. Based on everyone’s decision, we’ll make it happen.
Have a great weekend, friends.

Have fun! :v:

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To me, this is the need of the hour. This feature is essential as it helps us all stay on topic and prevents us from deviating. So, count me in, even though I never disliked of old Direct Message system and its not a thousand clicks away.

Also, I think, Maximum chat requests may be directed towards one person here: @Shawnpinto bro.

The real challenge is deciding on this

I have a suggestion. Instead of directly adding members to a custom group, would it be possible to have an “approve” invitation or “join” option for members, similar to WhatsApp? This would allow for better control over who is added to the group and prevent unwanted members from joining without approval.

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That’s a good idea. It can be done.
We can create groups for users to join on an approval basis.

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I second Abdul and Shawn and have a suggestion - while other groups are created which are moderated on approval rules, can we have a general room like we have on Slack where anyone joining the community automatically gets added?

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इसके बाद, अपने सिम ऑपरेटर के नजदीकी कार्यालय में जाएं (न कि केवल किसी रिचार्ज की दुकान पर) और उन्हें अपनी पहचान और पते का प्रमाण प्रदान करें। यदि सिम आपके नाम पर पंजीकृत है, तो वे आपको एक छोटे से शुल्क (आमतौर पर 100 से कम) पर डुप्लीकेट सिम प्रदान करेंगे। आपको सक्रियण के लिए 3-6 घंटे और एसएमएस सेवाओं को फिर से सक्रिय करने के लिए 24 घंटे तक प्रतीक्षा करनी होगी।

24 घंटों के बाद, आप जुपिटर ऐप के माध्यम से नए एटीएम कार्ड के लिए अनुरोध कर सकते हैं।

Hope the translation is fine.

Note: I understand that this is a deviation from the main topic, which is why having a chat option is necessary.+1:

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Since the votes are the highest for active members (Level 3 & 4), we have enabled access for chat for active members.

It’s also available to champions.
There are 2 channels at the moment.

  • General
  • All things tech

Please check if you have access and see if you get points for the leaderboard (May take 24hrs to update)



It’s here🥳


I am also typing


Need suggestions for new channels folks :blob_thanks:

Can also a “Personal Chat” Option.
Are there all community members available or only level 3 and 4 for the personal chat? :eyebrow:

Jupiter Credit Card Group :smiley:

You can make your own personal chats.
There should be a + icon on the bottom right (Mobile)
And + icon next to personal chat (Desktop)

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@Shawnpinto Here are my suggestions for channels -

Stock Market News and Updates
Bug Hunters
Feedback & Ideas

Sir, I too believe that setting up a chat group/channel for the Help section would result in quicker and more effective resolutions to user queries. But my personal suggestion is that categories such as Bug Hunters, Feedback, and Ideas to be reserved exclusively for community topics/posts. (personal opinion only :rofl:)

Fair point Abdul. If you have observed there are a handful of members who are active in the community. My suggestions were under the assumption, these topics would remain open on the community wall as well. But the active members can have a more seamless conversation within the chat feature.

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Let these be in threads for now. It’s best if a thread grows over time

I think it’s better if these are individual threads.
If it were to be a chat, then we’ll never find out when the bug was raised and the status of it. Since all bugs will be reported in 1 channel.

Threads are nice in this case because you can see each of them differently.

Again, let it be separate.

This can be a channel for active members, not sure how it helps for new members though.

Hi Shawn, considering access to chats is being given to active members only, the threads can remain and over time the chats function continues to grow. Again, just a suggestion.

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