(Experimental) Chat feature for Community 💬

What is the defence between chat and Massage ? ( Excludes Group Chat)

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easy navigation ig

The chat feature is currently being rolled out for active users. More and more users would probably get added as per their activity status. The regular community wall continues to exists.


I am a active user of community. @Shawnpinto and @razack know well.

@ManishSaini Yes, but then you’ve rejoined with another account. You will need to regain the levels again.

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This is confirmed.
Members do not get rockets through the chat system :toggle_off:

For folks who would still like to use the chat channels for quick chit-chats/opinions, it’s still handy.
Also, DMs are way faster and more organized now.

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I would like to share some fascinating features/bugs that I have encountered with the new chat feature:
One interesting thing about the new chat feature is that you can chat with yourself, which can come in handy for taking notes or writing down reminders. :rofl: :rofl:
Additionally, users have the ability to react to other users’ messages with unlimited emojis. :grin:

I am curious about the missing two members :rofl:. In two of the groups, there are a total of 2089 members, while the other two groups only have 2087 members. :eyebrow: :eyebrow:

I am one from those missing members. :laughing:

Folks must have left the channels.

Yup, you can chat with your own profile. Very similar to how Slack works.
Emojis are unlimited because they don’t follow the default reactions like on threads/comments.

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Am nt getting any update about my account… they r not unfreezing it’s been more than 15 days

@Nishita_Ps , the community is not equipped with all the information to guide you. For this issue you will have to work with Jupiter’s investigation team

I have do e everything… till now not even single reply from your end… atleast tell them to guide me wt should i do

Hai @Nishita_Ps,
Instead of replying via mail, I recommend you log in to this community and directly contact @Shawnpinto through direct message to express your concerns. He may be able to assist you with this matter. Furthermore, since the current thread revolves around the Chat Feature, there is a possibility that your message may go unnoticed. Therefore, I urge you to log in and communicate with Shawn directly.

I did everything sir

@Nishita_Ps you haven’t shared the details with me on DMs yet.
We can help you out by checking the status.

Also, please use this thread for the Chat feature.
You’ve reposted the same message here - Unfreeze my account which is fine.


Folks, we were wondering if some chat conversations could be on threads instead.
For example,

If we could create a channel called - Chit Chat and subcategories similar to our channels.

  • Chit chat, Tech
  • Chit chat, All things Money
  • Chit chat, entertainment

The initial thread > posts format works well. Not sure if chat helps.

Update: We will be pausing the chat feature for now. There’s some bugs with timestamps, channel management, etc.


means a mini version of threads on chats. :eyebrow: :eyebrow:
Am I right Shawn?
I would go for Chit chat, movies (specially for movies, not entertainment) and would like to have suggestions for a watchlist :cool_doge: :cool_doge:

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@Shawnpinto I’d recommend building on the chat feature and use the threads for sharing updates or for specific use cases.


We’re making some tweaks to the platform’s UI.


Noticed the monthly updates on top of the page feature earlier…Glad that the feature is removed…It appeared on every pages