Community badges 🏅

Edit: This is the old system and we’re not following it. Read the next comment.

Hey guys,

We’re introducing new badges to the community. These badges act as a reward according to your contribution to the community. There will be 6 badges in total. If you collect 'em all, there’s a surprise!

How to achieve them: (In a month)

  1. Superstar :star: - You need to receive 50 likes.
  2. Supporter :+1:t3:- You have given 50 likes.
  3. Initiator :bulb:- You have created 10 topics.
  4. Conversationalist :speaking_head: - You have replied/commented 100 times.
  5. The bookworm :nerd_face:- You have read a total of 1000 topics & comments.
  6. Community Champion :rocket: - You have collected all 5 badges above.

What happens if you collect them all?
You’ll be known as the Community Champion and there will be a big surprise for you soon :eyes:


We will also have a hall of fame for all the badge winners & Community Champions. We’ll connect with you once you’ve become a Champion and honor your name and fame!


  1. For the already existing Community Champions, you will still need to get the 5 badges & Community champion badge. You get to keep your old community champion status, don’t worry.
  2. Your badge progress will reset if you don’t meet the target for that month. Eg - For Feb, Conversationalist you had 97 comments, since it’s not 100, It will be 0 from March onwards.
  3. The badges will never expire. They will be yours till the end of time!
  4. Badges are awarded on the first of every month. You will be notified if you get a badge. Like this:

Screenshot 2022-01-27 at 12.00.53 PM

How to view all your current badges?

  1. Click on your profile.
  2. Click on Activity.
  3. Click on badges.

What are you waiting for? Let the badge hunt begin!



We’ll be changing the requirements for being a Community Champion. There’s no longer a certain number that you need to achieve to get the badges.

Instead, we’ll be awarding the Community Champion badge directly to folks here on the community.

How do you become a champ? :star_struck:

  • Be chatty!
  • Help and share ideas with your fellow community members
  • Build with us! Share your feedback/suggestions for our current or new upcoming features
  • You’ll be notified when you get the badge. Fingers crossed? :crossed_fingers:t4:

If you’ve done the above, the badge is all yours. We’re always watching :eyes:

What happens to the old system? :thinking:

  • The 5 badges - Superstar, initiator, supporter, conversationalist, the bookworm will not be given anymore. Those who had already received it, get to keep it :slight_smile:
  • There will be only 1 badge and that is the Community Champion badge.

What happens when you become a champ? :medal_sports:

  • You get the Community Champion badge.
  • You get added to the Champions group on the Community.
  • You get to keep the Community title next to your name and a small Champ Icon next to your profile pic.
  • Possible secrets and feature updates? :eyes:

We will be starting this from June 1st, 2022. We’ve also been watching everyone on the community and identified a lot of enthu cutlets! Here’s all the badge winners so far.

Thanks everyone for supporting us once again! :grin:

~Increases the volume and plays ‘We are the champions’ from Chicken Little :notes: ~