What is clause (a) in t&c of "Get Iphone 14 pro or digital gold"

In the 5th clause of terms and conditions of Get Iphone 14 pro or digital gold, it says “1 lucky customer who completes condition(a) followed by pro…”

Am i missing something? Where is the condition (a), what is it?

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Lift Mjolnir.


It’s not a , it’s 1

Please check clause 5 of t&c again, it’s clearly written condition (a). @Shawnpinto clarify please?

Correct, it should be 1 not a. Apologies for the typo. We are fixing it.

Thanks for helping us spot this @Chadpitt ! If you face any further issues, feel free to contact our Support team.


What happened to this contest? Anyone won? After Jan 31st everything disappeared from Jupiter app

It’s give notification in 20th Feb, they’re mentioned there, @Shawnpinto but we also want the list of winners, please publish it :pleading_face:

Hi @Davis_Dsouza the winners list would be communicated by Feb15 over e-mail. If you participated, you’d receive an email by Feb15 informing whether you won or not. Stay tuned!

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Please make published the list publicly :pleading_face: