Customer care - Rewards - Evidence

So this has happened to me twice.

When there is an offer and you go ahead and do what needs to be done for availing the offer and you don’t get the rewards, instinctively you go to the customer care. But when you ask them why you haven’t got the reward, they ask for proof - a screenshot of the offer page.

This happened to me today. I wanted to invest in mutual funds and so I opened an investment account. The page said “Open an investment account and get 100 Jewels instantly”.

So I opened the account and I am happy with the mutual fund investments through Jupiter.

But now I haven’t got the 100 Jewels. Not that I opened the account for the sake of the Jewels. I found value in investing in mutual funds through Jupiter and so I went that route.

But still I should have got the jewels none the less.

Now I chat with the customer care and they ask me for the screenshot - “Could you please share me the offer page screenshot or the image?”.

By this time, the Invest page had changed for me to “Claim you 5x Jewels on Gold”.

I think the process needs improvement here. First of all a customer can’t take a screenshot without another phone. Also it is not fair to ask the customer for the proof.

The executive even went on to say “I understand how frustrating this could be”.

This screenshot process has remained in place for a long time. I understand that different customers get different offers. But there needs to be some other process to track it from Jupiter’s side.

Has anyone else faced this issue?

Edit: Wrote 1000 Jewels by mistake. It was actually 100 Jewels.

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I agree with the point, if SS are not allowed then customer care should not ask about that. It’s weird asking another person their mobile and have to send that photo to my mobile also have to explain whole scenario to that friend (also should delete that pic from friends mobile etc) .

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Lots of issues with rewards in Jupiter, they provide the offer and then forgot about it! Sometime they understand your query and sometime behave like ghost. My issue is pending from last 20 days! No response and nothing.

As such, it is my belief that Jupiter wants to stand out as a value proposition service. So they are not big on offers and rewards. Fi still gives out so many offers - basically easy money. In my 2 years with Jupiter, I haven’t seen Jupiter hand out easy offers - at least not for my use cases.

And I think it is a good thing. It would help with the sustainability of the service.

You can’t keep giving out offers forever. There is no money in it and when you stop the offers, customers will move on to another service. But give value and customers stick to you.

But there seems to be some resistance to let go of offers altogether. I understand customers need it.

In that case, Jupiter needs clarity and resolve the situations like these without hiccups.

In my case the investment account/mutual fund registration reward of 100 jewels was credited after 2-3 days automatically without raising any tickets


@DigitaL But it said “instantly”. Anyways, I’ll wait some more time and update here if I get the 100 Jewels.

Guess that is most probably what’s happening. The executive could have started with that. :thinking: