Very Poor customer service 😔

I have raised two help requests ( for jewels redeem ) both the cs agents dont have prior knowledge about the jewels . They are giving misleading information continuously even though sharing images and explaining them about the issue .

I think the customer support agents have access to view the customer balance , jewels, transaction dates etc . But the way agents giving reply was terrible .

I didn’t expected from the jupiter. 🥲🥲


Have the team looking into this @SaiRaj.

If your transaction is eligible for rewards, we’ll ensure they’re credited.

Not about the jewels earning it is about redeem . I know the issue will be resolve by one day .

But I have shared my feedback about the customer service agents .
They are giving misleading information and also they are taking the issue in misleading way .

Once you can view my last two conversations with agents you can understand perfectly .

Just as a feedback I have shared not more than that .


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Alright. Will check and DM you.

Hi @SaiRaj ,

This is definitely not the kind of experience that we would want you to have with our product and our customer support.
We have taken your feedback and will surely turn this experience around.
Also, the jewels redemption issue should not have happened and it has been escalated to the concerned team and we’ll get back to you with an update at the earliest.
Do let us know if you need any further assistance.

Take care, Stay safe! :smiley:

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