Jewels not credited - for me

If you people dont want to give offers and jewels then dont show anything inside app. If you are giving offer then give jewels also.

Its been like 8-10 days I am facing issue in “Happy Hours” offer to get jewels. They credited jewels and then said it will not happen again, again its happen on same day, I have contacted on support and then they dont accept it.

What I am going to do? Wasting my time there in support tab to explain them again and again.

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I had similar issue. Contacted customer care once and they fixed it :thinking:

I know, they fixed for me too only once. Again happening same thing! I need to explain them again and again.


@Shawnpinto Any updates on this one? Support not giving proper answers now

Hey @jigarmistry24 We identified why this had happened.

You were able to see the offer earlier + got the jewels for it because you were eligible for the offer till 16 August. Can you let us know if you’re able to see the happy hours offers currently?

If yes, how are you accessing this? Any screenshots would help.

Hi @Shawnpinto Very very smart move by Jupiter!

I was able to see the offer till yesterday in New On Jupiter section, now its not there. It was showing Happy Hours offer with date limit upto 21st Sep between 6 to 10 PM time, now its gone!

Great work.

Scroll to the bottom of homepage and click on quest button

Any updates?