Where's the T&C? What's the minimum amount?

Here you go this is the T&C page
Its available in the rewards page by tapping on the J icon on top of home-screen and then scrolling a few banners of offers you will find the 250 billpay offer click on that.


Thank you @Abhishek_Ulayil

@ShashankT here is the video on how to reach the screen - RPReplay_Final1684234997.MP4 - Google Drive


Hai @ShashankT , welcome back to the community. I hope your doubts are cleared now. Request you to kindly mark @Abhishek_Ulayil’s response as “Solution” so that this thread will be closed automatically.


Thanks a lot. Got it.

Would have been better if the ss i shared was clickable or had an “i” button or something to see the t&c

@ShashankT Usually, the terms and conditions are accessed by clicking the offer banner (there will a writing “Know more” on banner). However, as a regular savings account holder, I cannot check this issue of not opening the terms and conditions page when its clicked, since this particular offer is not available for me.

The common trend that I have observed across all campaigns on Jupiter is the banners are clickable. While the observation is valid, I guess from the a UX perspective they want the users to tap the banner and explore the offer even further.

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