Being Clear on Terms and Conditions #Transparency

Since you’ve promised a greater experience, and most financial institutions hide behind Terms and Conditions in font size ‘3’. Can you change that? We can start with the Jupiter Website please. Maybe the following paragraph can be the same font size as the rest of the text on the site?

Your Jupiter account is hosted by our partner bank and follows all security standards prescribed by the partner bank, in accordance with RBI regulations. Jupiter itself is not a bank and doesn’t hold or claim to hold a banking license. Your money is always safe with our partner bank.

Also, would you tie up with more than one bank for better access and customer choice? What happens if the partner bank you choose, crashes?


Very valid concern on partner bank stability. We are choosing partner bank wherein risk of crash is virtually non existent as they are very large banks .

Second on T&C font, while font 3 is not appreciated but writing long T&C in same font as header is not ideal aesthetically. We are making sure that user is explicitly aware in the app about all important considerations


Hey Jiten and asif,

Why not have something which states terms and conditions in a bite size and consumable manner.

Asterix less banking! here I have attached an quick mock which can explain all the terms but in visuals while instilling confidence in user rather confusion

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Hello Jiten,

Thanks for writing back. Have shared a few comments in a separate thread that is being responded to by community managers. Do have a look.


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