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Can we do away with small font size T&Cs


Welcome Asif to the community :slight_smile:
We wouldn’t want it any other way!

We call it ‘* less’ banking and we want to strive to build towards it! Any of your personal experiences of T&Cs in banking that on knowing were less than a pleasurable experience?

Hey! This was actually about something on the Jupiter website itself written in a small font size.

Why not come up with visuals which is easy to read and understand ? @sneh.baxi @Asif


@Asif welcome to the community and thanks for pointing this out.

  • Any potential solutions that we can use? Any other fintech (anywhere across the world) who does this beautifully well?

  • @sss thanks for the suggestion

  • @Asif Would love to know if you were to reimagine how would you show the terms and conditions?

I am assuming that terms and conditions are required (if you disagree to this do tell).

Hey Sahil,

Just sharing this from past experience and looking at how BFSI is being re-imagined by Jupiter, the #1 reason why people loose trust in financial bodies is because of the T&C. The RBI and Ombudsman will require certain T&C to be displayed and that can be put up in 2 versions. 1. A simple to understand [non legal and compliance way], abridged version in either an infographic and/or gif on a landing page and 2. A pdf with a minimum font size of 12 for each policy.

As for the disclaimers on the Jupiter website, you can create a interesting ticker or scroll saying, ‘Terms’ / No Conditions OR say READ THE FINE PRINT and direct people to the disclaimer rather than put in a small font size. [that’s what banking is famous for anyways].

Happy to discuss :slight_smile: Also, do consider that T&Cs can be put up smartly as a video for each product and / or in languages considering you will be tapping key markets outside metros.

When it comes to transparency, be clear on products and show how much people pay in interest each year. A home loan for e.g.

The true strength for a financial services brand comes from transparency while maintaining margins on the product. Over time, it is possible that your partner bank may or may not be able to be as transparent as you’d like it. Since you are ‘banking on them’ the least your platform can do is be clear.



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Hey Asif, as much as I agree with you on the being clear and transparent with respect to product (your home loan example) I could not draw the same parallel to the website example you shared completely. As it informs about the security provided by the banking partner (soon to be announced).

Definitely Interesting suggestions on executing the ‘T&C experience’. Thank you for sharing your feedback :slight_smile:

Monzo does this very nicely where they tell you the amount as interest and option to pay early and not penalize for that.

On Asterix less banking, I expect not to hide stuff like Asif said that show things on the face whether they are interest or things like which is the banking partner.

I opened a banking account on niyo and some days later they said that now I need to maintain 10k as a mab - what is this cheating and ridiculousness. That’s exactly opposite of Asterix less banking.

While I agree with Asif here - t&c page on the jupiter doesn’t inspire the feeling of Asterix less banking with jupiter. It’s still decent and explained cleanly but why can’t it be pushed and explained even better way ?

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hey @sss, i think Niyo MAB is only for people who are on boarded after a certain date. i was onboarded before sep 2020, so, the support team confirmed that i dont have any MAB to be maintained.

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