What causes transaction failure?

I tried paying for a train ticket yesterday night using irctc and paytm gateway upi. Money debited but tickets not booked. (I successfully booked tickets 2 days before using same method)

Today i retried again using hdfc gateway visa jupiter card again failed.

Both times money got debitted but tickets not booked.
Federal bank facing downtimes now? (reason is showing no response from bank). Has anybody else facing same issue? :smile:



unfortunetly IRCTC app does not accept jupiter account :face_with_peeking_eye: What does that suppose to mean? Did he mean irctc app doesnt support jupiter app?


Hey @Aswin_Benny

Apologies for the inconvenience. I understand your concern. Please be assured that your money is safe. The amount will be auto-refunded to your account as the tickets weren’t booked successfully.

You can definitely use Jupiter’s debit card to book the tickets in IRCTC. I shall connect with you via DM for further assistance :slight_smile:

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