Urgent : Anyone has Federal Bank Debit Card?

Need for online purchase from Flipkart. Not working with Jupiter/Fi-Money Debit Card.

You can use OneCard which was isuued by Federal Bank

Onecard by federal bank is not issued to everyone subject to bank internal policy.

I have OneCard which was issued by Federal Bank.

Are bro Onecard has 4 partner IDFC First Bank,South Indian Bank,BOB,SBM Bank.

Onecard Lite is issued by SBM Bank.

Onecard unsecured is not issued to everyone bank do have their internal checks credit scoring.

I have Jupiter Federal Debit Card, Fi-Money Federal Debit Card & One Card Federal Credit Card.

But in Flipkart offer going only on Federal Bank Debit Card. Not getting anywhere…

Yeh, you are absolutely right.

But i want to correct you,

because there is 5 Banking Partners with OneCard and the 5th name is CSB Bank

Ohhh maybe this is new partner I have not check it out. Cool yaar onecard is adding new partners.

Before it was idfc later what happened don’t know they changed the partners.

Fi is not working :thinking: weird… Usually all federal bank offers apply to fi

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