Mobile Internet Banking , Autopay

Why i can’t login into federal Bank internet page ? When i am entering my account number its saying ’ No active atm linked with this account ’ , also i can’t set up auto payments through debit card .

I have few questions
1st . why my debit card is not saving in Gpay ?
2nd. Why do you guys don’t allow to login or access in federal Bank website or application? Where all Fi.Money user can use federal Bank website or application.
3. Why my auto payments verification through debit card is not working?

I have one credit card , when i trying to setup auto payments it is getting automatically rejected, you guys don’t allow to login federal internet Bank because when i am doing autopay setup in one credit card , they asked me to give internet bank id , but i don’t have internet bank id so i tried to create one in federal Bank website, but it is not possible to create where Fi.Money users are allowed to create & access internet bank through fd website. So that i can’t set up autopay in my one credit card.