Regrading federal bank credit card

can i apply for federal bank credit card as they only give to account holder?

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I havent seen anybody getting a federal bank cc because of an account in jupiter

Just wanted to know why do you want federal bank card? They don’t have offers and its chargeable card.

I felt whenever a federal bank offer comes, its mostly applicable for both debit and credit cards. :grinning: Fi is useful there

Federal is offering pre-approved card also I saw few of south indian got!

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They got preapproved federal bank cc because of jupiter account… :hushed:

Ahh I don’t know whether is jupiter or normal account!

But I want to tellI one thing! I got pre-approved credit card on Niyo IDFC Account! So banks know you’re their customer whether is third-party or normal account. Customer is customer.

If there is an pre-approved offer of idfc credit card . Will pin code be a requirement means i live in unserviceable area , can i take a credit card or can i change address (from my address mentioned in my account) and get it on my friend’s address ?


If you will spend some amounts then it will be free and sometimes federal bank also give offer on online stores(i have seen multiple times)

Who wants to spends with federal bank cards? With their useless Reward program? Simplycliq is far better than Federal card.

You need to submit a proof that your address is changed.