UPI payments stuck

What will you do, if a payment is stuck at “processing” when you are not at your local station ? Or what’s the best thing to do.

upi lite is the solution.

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Most time it will Failed.


Tell to shopkeeper you will do 2nd payment (use same payment App, Bank & QR code.) And write Note during 2nd payment that you doing

"Double payment because [transaction ID] Is pending."

And Take refund by contacting merchant if it successful after some time.

Merchent may be refused because they need to see Transaction history which kinda look difficult to Merchent. (Depends upon Amount)

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Also, if you make double payment by mistake still you need not worry as you can raise a chargeback and you’ll get the refund easily.

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I think… UPI ChargeBack is Only for refund of Failed transaction , Pending transaction (not complicated) , Froud transaction.

Its not like Debit/Credit card’s ChargeBack.

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Just make a video, and send him payment again, prefer to cash. If payment failed no problem… If payment successful then came to the shop and told that payment was successful… Collect the extra money…

If he disagree you have video for proof

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It’s too much time taking process :sweat_smile: like court case

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