UPI Credit Card ain't accepted by 75% of the merchants | Can i know if merchant accepts it before paying?

Today only after i pay, i get to know the merchant doesn’t accept UPI Linked Credit Card. By this time I have already tried paying once. Almost 75% of the merchants I have tried to pay that, don’t accept it.

The only reason I purchased this card was to pay on UPI via a Credit Card.

Can we please solve this issue?


thats totally on the merchant, banks or card poviders can’t help you.

There has to be a better way to fix this problem.

One simple fix I can think of is - Maintaining a list of vendors who don’t accept CC, and automatically redirecting me to the Jupiter bank a/c in the UPI flow.

Second even smaller fix - direct me automatically to the Bank account with the amount pre-filled.

@vinayakjjw As much as it feels like a simple solve, it is not.

Whether a merchant is accepting Rupay CC via UPI or not is only determined based on the error codes which we receive post attempting a payment call from switch.

We do have the ability to block the Rupay via UPI in subsequent transaction as soon as we know they are not accepting it…But this information being fluidic based on the merchant’s discretion, whether to accept or not, cannot be stored.

The concerned authority (NPCI) is working towards cracking this issue and there is a lot of information available regards to that on the web, however, at this point, we need to wait and watch…


My simple question is why don’t they accept UPI Credit Card Payments? what they want is Money, it is from the bank account or credit mode, and they get their money.

It’s all about MDR . THEY have to pay 2% MDR on more than rs.2000 payment. So they avoid using this.

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