UPI transaction. Money is debited from bank account but not received at the receiver end

Money is debited from my account but not received at receiver end. What should i do?

Hello @Pratik_Patre
Please use the chat option on the app for a quicker resolution.

Also, you can mail your issue to support@jupiter.money for raising a support ticket.

I also suggest you to wait for 1-2 days, if the transaction fails you will surely recieve the refund

@Pratik_Patre No worries.

The digital payments systems are designed in a way that the money doesn’t get stuck anywhere.

So if the money is not credited to the receiver, the money would revert back to your account. But it takes 2 to 5 days (worst case scenario).

But I think there are many issues with UPI right now - maybe because of the long weekend and the support team may be short. Fi Money had issues yesterday. HDFC also had some temporary issues.

In the worst case scenario, you have a transaction number. So tracking the money is easier.