Unnecessary heavy charges


I have got one customer to whom i paid using Rupay Credit card with Jupiter.
Transaction of 30,000/- and they received only 29295/- approx
705/- was charges which i have to pay back to them.

what the hack was going on why such heavy charges. please update otherwise i will take this further to RBI (rbi ombudsman).

I need fair transparency and if possible get it reverted to me or the customer.

Please do the needful.


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Hi @Mayank_Jhawar reaching out to on DMs to discuss this further. The team wanted to get this checked for you.

2.35% MDR charges above 2000rs transaction

In your case Merchant receiving 30k payment digitally… 2/3% charges are as per Market standard… nothing unusual here


Although this news is from October last year, you can relate your problem to it.

This is interesting…