Unable to open account for you

Hi @jupiter Team,

It’s really annoys when a new customer choose to use Jupiter, because of the customer verification problem

Problem faced - Can’t create a new account for you

It’s been quite few tries and still it’s the same error. When we contact we get the response as there is no getting further into it.

I want to know the reason atleast. I know your algorithm does a logical way to identify. Isn’t it capable enough to provide reason for rejection of new customer?

Support team is literally thinking what to tell further and says not to use Jupiter lol

I am hoping this message reaches to Jupiter production head - he understands this


I believe this thread could be helpful in helping you understand the issue.

@Sylvester_Fernandes Situations like these, I would request you to report this to the support channels. If response that comes in does not help, you can share the ticket# and along with the other relevant details with Shawn and he will get you assistance.

Hi Abdul,



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