Unable to add Jupiter as Payee Account in other Bank?

I’ve a account in ICICI Bank (6+ Yrs Old) and Kuvera (Mutual Fund Platform). On both these places they cannot recognise Jupiter IFSC Code, If I manually search branch through Federal Towers, Marine Drive, Ernakulam then it is showing details of FI Neo Bank but Jupiter is missing, also “No details found” error upon typing IFSC Code. What’s the error?

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Hi Gokul,

Since it’s a new IFSC code, banks/institutions sometimes take a little while to add it to their list of IFSC codes.

Meanwhile, you can use FDRL0000001 as an alternate IFSC for your Jupiter account. You will be able to transfer money to your Jupiter account using this IFSC.

Please let us know in case you face any issues.

Hey @Gokul ! I’d recommend you to mail that particular bank where the IFSC is not getting reflected. They’ll manually add it to their database. I had reported the same in NiyoX and got Jupiter’s IFSC updated in Niyo.

Thanks. This new ifsc code worked flawlessly. Will this alternate ifsc code work permanently or is it temporary and I’ve to update the IFSC Code in jupiter payee details in other banks in future?

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@Vipul_Mehta @JupiterTeam Please Respond to my query.

Hey @Gokul! This IFSC code would work permanently, you wouldn’t have to update it again.

You can use either IFSC code in the future (once it’s updated in all banks), and both should work seamlessly.


Thank you so much. @Vipul_Mehta This helps a lot.