Transmission from Jupiter 🚀 | June 26

Landing Soon: Jupiter Beta

Yup, we’re getting ready to roll out invites for Jupiter Beta! :tada: These invites will be in limited quantities to begin with, so keep a tab on the Jupiter Community Forum to know when they go live and how you can score one.

Keep ‘em ideas coming

Let’s face it – with hundreds of excited members across sessions like Testing Thursdays and Workshops, we’re drowning in ideas. (It’s the kind of problem we’ve always hoped to have :heart:). Here’s one we would want to share:

Financial Health Score
This one comes from @Vanshika_Mehta (Don’t act surprised, we all knew she was going to be on the list :P). We love the idea of a financial health score that can help us all stay on the right track with our money. So, we conducted a workshop to detail out the problem statement and requirements.

Now, as much as we’d like to promise that this feature will come to life soon, guess what? Everyone has very different ideas about what “financial health” means to them – while a startup founder said “It’s all about the runway I have”, another member said it was about “not having to worry about my future expenses”.

Figuring out the right problem statement between all Community members took a while – but it left us with a lot of food for thought. Next step: We go back to the drawing board for ideas on how we can design the best solution for a fairly subjective problem.

What we read on Jupiter

A Book List on Goodreads. Yup, that’s what received the most number of votes in last time’s poll. So we’ve compiled a list of books recommended by our teammates on Jupiter – and here are 4 reads that they’ve thoroughly enjoyed. (We’ll add in more books every month)

But there’s more – we’re also posting one interesting article that we’re reading everyday! Find that thread here.

Jupiter Primetime

As you already know, we are hosting David Vélez of Nubank today on Primetime Episode 2. And to refresh your memory a little about Primetime #1 we have a teaser right here

that @Azariah_Kerketta1 has created (yes he joined team Jupiter just this monday!)

Hey everyone! Tune in to Transmissions from Jupiter every fortnight for updates for and from the Community, announcements, and everything noteworthy on Jupiter! Previous update here

That’s all, folks! Till next time.

Team Jupiter :rocket: