Transmission from Jupiter | June 11

Hey everyone! Tune in to Transmissions from Jupiter every fortnight for updates for and from the Community, announcements, and everything noteworthy on Jupiter!

Today we have new practices, fresh events, and some sweet news!

Your voices are loud and heard at the top!
We’ve been having regular meetings with the leadership team at Jupiter (including Jiten, our founder) to discuss the stories, inputs, and ideas of members from across the Community. Thank you for helping us make better and more empathetic decisions every single day.

Events on Jupiter

Workshop: Where co-creation comes to life
This is where we focus on solving existing problems. We look at current finance solutions, identify gaps, talk to people about their experiences, and try and figure out how Jupiter can help make things better.

We held our first Workshop last week and discussed credit products. Here’s what we covered:

  • From credit cards to payday lending – When and how do you use credit products?
  • What do you like or don’t like about modern credit products?
  • And of course, where and how you think Jupiter could improve credit and lending?

The event was hosted by @Venkat, our Chief Risk Officer, and @chinmay, a data scientist and product manager. We received some interesting ideas and understood a lot of your concerns, which made it all the more exciting and insightful.

That’s why we’re going to make Workshop a recurring Community event!

In other news…

Our Jira Board is blowing up!
We have crossed our first 100 Jira tickets as a direct result of feedback and ideas from you! Now, we’re gunning for 1,000.

PS: Not gonna lie – the Product and Engineering teams aren’t stoked about all the work. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Books, movies and music are hot items on Jupiter

We have a ton of people who read a ton of interesting stuff, listen to some great music, and watch all sorts of movies. So the only question is… which of these would you like a list for? Tell us in the poll below:

  • A Book List on Goodreads
  • A Movie List on IMDb
  • A Playlist on Spotify

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That’s all, folks! Stay tuned for more updates.

Team Jupiter :rocket:


:wave:Thanks to all the community members who joined the Workshop. It was a unique format, we wanted to hear from community members what borrowing means to them. Our goal was to create a ‘coffee conversation environment’ to understand borrowing needs and how it fits on to our larger goals of supporting customer’s financial journey. We will post separately on what we learned; however, I would like to thank the community members. They were precise and very open to sharing their ideas.

More for later, but I can promise you after the few community sessions it took us just an hour to summarise the discussion. Thank you again :bowing_man:

In fact, we are meeting the community members this evening.

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