What we are reading at Jupiter?

Get a sneak peek on what we are reading @ Jupiter :rocket:. Keep an eye for new blogs, articles, news :newspaper: to RBI circulars :memo:to APIs :desktop_computer: , research articles :nerd_face: that we reading.

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" Provide a shockingly great claims experience through empathy, transparency, availability, and speed." - the mission statement of Claims Experience Team @ Lemonade

Lemonade is a venture-backed rental and home insurance company based in the USA and announced that it’s going public. Here is a piece of their transparent review in 2018 that we read :

Listen to your customers, and know which features they want to see the most. You don’t necessarily want to implement every suggestion, but product professionals need to listen to direct requests carefully, with humility and deep consideration. - Adam Nash

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Lenny’s view on how to get the first 1,000 users. It is a concise list of things to do for a startup: so read this and simply follow!

“While there are early signs of recovery, industry insiders continue to remain sceptical. Multiple lending players are tightening their credit screws.”

this was posted on our community group on WhatsApp

Appeal of Marc to all the founders, critics, government is

“Here’s a modest proposal to my critics. Instead of attacking my ideas of what to build, conceive your own! What do you think we should build? There’s an excellent chance I’ll agree with you.”

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How can incumbent banks compete with Neo Banks:

We are always curious to know what has worked best in other geographies. This blogger went through account opening process in 12 banks and wrote this piece. Very interesting pieces of information on what each bank does differently and which one nails the onboarding experience.

Here is to remember one of our principles at Jupiter - Reimagining!!

1 minuter narrated by Steve Jobs himself:

The Decameron Project! 29 Authors write short stories about the moment this pandemic has led us all to. Is there a story that interests you the most?

The observer effect - 1st edition

From every company being a FinTech company, to every FinTech company now wanting to be an insurance company, 2021 seems like a beginning!

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The first Future of FinTech on Clubhouse! Interesting read ahead :

A unique take on how futuristic bank might look like:

Customers needs services not account! How consumer’s shadow financial lives is eclipsing their touch with traditional banking services