Jiten as a guest speaker on Stars & Startups with Varun Vummidi

Some excerpts from the series:

When asked about his Angel Investing :moneybag::

the way I looked at it is that I would have my knowledge in payments was building up and plus that was restricted as well so I was not explosed to other sectors. So could I do on my own the businesses in all these sectors - definitely not. Now by way of investing Iโ€™ll get the exposure of other sectors, I will get to learn. So its kind of tuition fee

About Jupiter :rocket:

How do we interact with the consumer in an unbiased manner and which is more relevant or contextual to his or her financial journey I think that is what we want to go for and that is what we are building

Have a sneak peek into our founderโ€™s brain and see him answering questions very candidly on Citrus, what they did differently, how they competed with aggressive companies to his angel investing career (which is performing 10X better than his public market portfolio) and currently what we are trying to do at Jupiter.