People behind Jupiter

Going through Jupiter’s Orgnaization Structure, I came across a sleuth of talented folks, of all ages and knowledge/experience backgrounds.

One the top of my career Wishlist is working full-time at a Fintech, for a Fintech - but before I get to do so, I would love to know the stories of the folks here at Jupiter - the “hoomans” - and know there side of the journey and their most challenging situations so far:

I am tagging @Jiten and @Bharat_Kumar_Ramesh to share theirs :slight_smile:


Great chatting with you Debosmit last month. Thanks a lot for all your thoughts and ideas :slight_smile:

And thanks for the very interesting question. My journey is very nascent so I won’t comment now, but Jiten (and many others) are veterans and I’m sure have many stories

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