Community updates | March'24 Edition 🔔

Hello Community!

With this monthly update, we’d like to share what’s been cooking at Jupiter. So, do read till the end!

1. (New) Invest as you pay feature :moneybag:

We’ve released our invest as you pay feature a few weeks ago for a set of users, but now it should be available for most of you.

What is it? :thinking:
So every time you spend, you can invest ₹10 or more in a Mutual Fund. It’s fully automatic and works in the background, while you go about spending as usual.

For example, if you spend ₹500 on Swiggy, a minimum of ₹10 goes to a Mutual fund of your choice. And you can set a monthly upper limit to be invested. That means if you want, you can invest only up to ₹1500 in a month.

We have a separate thread for this feature. Click on this link here to access the thread - (New feature) You can now invest as you pay! 🙌

2. Early access for invest as you pay! :raised_hands:t3:

We’re all about empowering our users, and what better way to do that than co-creating with them?

We recently invited @Abhinav_Tata & @nprashant_nayakanti from the Jupiter Community to experience our latest feature, Invest as you pay at our Bangalore HQ!

From the left - @Barun , @Abhinav_Tata , @nprashant_nayakanti & me :wave:t3:

They didn’t just use it, they examined it pixel by pixel, offering valuable UI suggestions that will help refine the experience for everyone.

They’ve shared a bunch of suggestions with @Barun that can improve everyone’s experience.
Barun says - “We need to do this more often”. So it shall be :grin:

3. Homepage revamp :houses:

Remember the stack UI that we had earlier? It was introduced back in December’23.
We revamped the experience for home page last week. Here’s a snap of how it looks now :eyes:

The homescreen stack felt a little incomplete. With the addition of the investments card, it’s now picture-perfect.

Oh and, we’ve revamped a few icons on the home page. To make it fit our vibe :sunglasses:

Here’s the older look:

Spot the difference!

4. Something new? :new_moon:

Any idea what’s coming? :eyes:

Stay tuned for more updates for each of these!


Metal Debit Card


Good morning

I want to use internet banking plz. What i have to do? And to whom i have to contact plz . Guide me…

Thank you
Teem jupiter

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@Afzal_Ali_khan Welcome to the community.
Jupiter doesn’t provide any separate Net banking option.
You can use FedNet for that purpose. Create a login id by using the Jupiter account number.

Hello sir

I have my debit card with me, and i am not in india right now, i just want my A/c number only .!

Don’t tell this debit card now. I have ordered previous month only… Don’t know what it is but it looks damn cool.:boom::dizzy::v:

As per your track records, that something new is gonna be released next year, sure.

PS: Still waiting for CSB Edge RuPay CC.


The news stack design feels very refreshing with its new font and bold font for balance but there is inconsistency as it is not implemented throughout the all categories. Also new stack will be too good if implemented with dark mode .
The payment section i.e the bill payment section looks old


As on device scan and pay button on home screen is hardly noticeable, as the “introducing : invest as you pay…” Banner is overlapping with it

What new . Dor old only we are waiting for card stillm it has not come

Please answer me

Thanks & Regards

Rohit Sharma

Please provide free Virtual RuPay Network Credit and debit card

Hai @Amitk26970
Jupiter’s EDGE Credit Card issued in partnership with the CSB bank is on the Rupay Network and is free for the first 2 lakh approved users (No Joining fee/No Annual fee)

create your login in federal bank using bank details of jupiter account since Jupiter and federal bank are co partners

Simply generate a net banking registeration in federal bank and it will work ( i am using it since a month, it works good)

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