(New feature) You can now invest as you pay! 🙌

Hi everyone!

We wanted to share an early update for a feature we’ve started to rollout & you might see it in the app soon :eyes:

Remember last night’s pizza order? Or your morning auto ride? Or the outfit you ordered. While you thought of them as plain, simple payments, did you ever think they could also help build your financial future? Well, with our newest feature, they can!


Now automatically invest ₹10 or more with every payment you make!


So every time you spend, you can invest ₹10 or more in a Mutual Fund. It’s fully automatic and works in the background, while you go about spending as usual.

For example, if you spend ₹500 on Swiggy, a minimum of ₹10 goes to a Mutual fund of your choice. And you can set a monthly upper limit to be invested. That means if you want, you can invest only up to ₹1500 in a month.

Here’s more :magic_wand::sparkles:

Q. What can a ₹10 investment even do?

Even these seemingly small amounts add up over time, thanks to the power of compounding. Imagine the magic of having your daily chai contribute to your dream vacation or retirement fund!

Q. Is it completely automatic?

Yes, it is completely automatic. Now you don’t need to remember deadlines or manually transfer funds. This feature takes care of the investing, so you can focus on enjoying life.

Q. Will Jupiter pick a fund for me?

You can choose the Mutual Funds of your choice!

What does it look like? :eyes:

Here are some sneak peeks.
Note: These are subject to change.

You will be seeing this pop-up if you were to make a payment. Here’s a snap of the UPI payment success screen.

Once you click on it, you will see the following:

Once you get started, you will have the option to edit.

You can confirm and edit your investment settings, shown below:

See how it works :raised_hands:

Rollout plan :iphone:

The team would like to invite a few community folks to our Bangalore HQ for early in-person product testing.

Bangalore HQ early access :office:

We plan to keep this on Friday, 23 Feb, 5:30pm - 6:30pm for Bangalore folks only!

If you’re interested in joining us, vote below!

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We’ll reach out to the ones who are interested in joining us at the HQ.

All user rollout :android: :ios:

We’ve started rolling it out and it should reach you soon in a few weeks.

What are your thoughts? :blob:

Start transforming your spending into smart investments. Remember, small changes can lead to big results, and with this feature, every purchase becomes a step toward your financial dreams!

Share your thoughts on the feature in the comments below!

We’re looking forward to meeting & testing with our members :handshake:


I have started using this feature and the overall set up is very straight forward. You get to define the monthly investment limit. While a fund is recommended, you have the option to choose your mutual fund to invest. The identification of the transactions eligible to be considered for investments is very quick and the cash register sound that one gets is very satisfying. If you have multiple transactions becoming eligible for investment in a day, multiple folios will be created. For 15 transactions in process, 4 have been processed and 3 folios have been allocated. From this point on I am hoping the remaining 11 transactions will be get allocated in either of these folios.


Could you please make me understand in more clarification about mutual fund ok Jupiter?


for the Friday evening session، your office address pls

n Prashant

@nprashant_nayakanti We’ll reach out to you!

We’ve started reaching out to folks who are joining us at the HQ!
Please check your DMs for the invite and questions.

If you are interested and haven’t gotten a message yet, please let me know.

It reminds me of what “balance” offered. It was acquired by zerodha.


I appreciate the effort to remind about auto-investing but I don’t like to see such big banners after every payment especially if I have already seen the option. A small well placed location sounds better, if Jupiter team really wants to show up this option after every payment.


A suggestion, you can also add a option to invest in gold instead of mutual fund. It will be beneficial for those who want less volatile method or a safer option.


Is this option available in savings account as well or only in salary account?

I currently use a normal savings account, and I have access to and make use of this particular feature.

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@Somchandra_Samanta This feature is available on both type of accounts - saving and salary. When you make a payment from your saving or salary account via UPI & debit card, a specific amount say ₹10 from your account will be invested in a fund of your choice.


this is a nice idea … investing small amounts and getting little bit saving from all who are trying to save but for some other reason they are not able to do it …

kudos to the team doing great job


This one is good ,but if you give digi gold option apart from this MF it will be very nice.