Translucent screen after opening

you guys in this latest update made this app more slow, after getting the authentication popup, and just after that app loads to home screen but in between that app a translucent screen appears and restrict to touch anywhere, the problem with that is that takes hell lot of time to come and also go away after authentication, and make the whole process more lenthy, rather making app faster you guys make this app even more shit to people who dont have fast phone, atleast paytm is more fast to open, even though it is messed up but it opens and oprates fast, this is the only thing we want if we are in hurry to do payments or in the market doing same, do whatever it takes to make this shit fast as fu**


I am also noticing this… I thought it’s something to do with my phone.

It hampers the good feel of the app.

But for me it’s not too long. It’s just a short 1 sec 50% black out.

@Shawnpinto Please do something about this.

I am not facing this issue.

I tried to replicate it several times.

App version: 2.2.5 (Android)

@Gautam1 and @alexnazy You guys were right. :+1:t2:
After the latest update to App version: 2.2.5 (Android) I too get that translucent screen for one second or below, after the biometric authentication.
The home screen display was superfast in the earlier update.


I could see the translucent screen too but it vanishes within milliseconds. (I have the screen recording if any of the customer care persons wants me to share it, can’t share it here because of the UPI ID with phone number in the homepage)

My assumption is it is a part of catcher Home Screen feature to reduce the app load time. No latency experienced on my iOS device.

@Gautam1 if you are an android user, please record a video with a different phone and share with the support team via email on This will ensure a ticket is assigned to your issue and tracked to closure

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yes agree on the fact that, it stays there for just 1 second or so, but it is also a fact that it is diminishing the overall experience, instead of making app faster, that making it more slower, if someone have low specs smartphone, the experience would be hell for him, isn’t it so?


dev are doing there work very badly, their duty is to make this app faster but they are doing opposite, even though paytm is very big in size and comprises with clutter but still that app is much faster than this dead slow app

I’ve also noticed that translucent smoky screen.

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I also facing this issue and also my friends its not fault of phone this is fault of update


Hey just an email to
Meanwhile let’s wait if someone in the community has an answer for it

why will i take hussle to email them, it is there job, i created this topic here, this is enough i think, they should see this.

i tried to get the early access of federal bank digital currency app, and literally they said that this early access isnt available for app which is opened by neo banks, why they treat account of these types like others

i tried my best to get that early access but, no worries, i ll not take any stress to email them or whatsoever.

@Gautam1 reporting an issue and not willing to provide additional help/information to help resolve it defeats the very purpose of reporting it. Community is a platform for sharing ideas and thoughts. The actual bug fixing and issue resolution happens via customer support


I am not facing this issue
app version 2.2.5 android

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Facing the same problem


@Nikhil_Godbole Can you pls look into it?

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Already highlighted it internally.


Thanks @Nikhil_Godbole. Much appreciated.