Improvising the performance of app

  • Some times app takes a huge amount of time for opening which iriates while doing transactions. App should be bit more optimized.
  • Since most of the fintech apps come with a option of dark theme, it would be better if there is an option for dark theme in the app.
  • Also i would like to drop a suggestion for quicker verification of our account to dicover more in the app (72hrs is too long in my personal opinion)
  • The top card section colour could be changed since i have faced a visual confusion while doing an online transaction (being white confuses. could be better with some colours like virtual debit card).

Absolutely! We need dark mode. The lack of it is a travesty, and I sure hope the team will give us options to switch to it.

The app opening time could also use some improvements. It’s snappy, but not as snappy as I’d like it to be.

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