Slow UI, Bal fetching issues

@Shawnpinto I think you guys made some UI change to app yesterday. It is taking lot more time to load bal and other features. I personally prefer old UI where it is lot more smooth.


Hey @niranjan_kumar

Are you facing a loading issue for the homepage balance or is it the money tab balances?

Homepage bal. App loading time also increased

Also other issue is with slow internet app not loading. Whereas other payment apps working fine like Paytm…

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Got it.
Some of our team members did mention the app load time seemed off today.
We investigate this.

Thanks for checking @niranjan_kumar :grin:

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@Shawnpinto Any update on the issue. App is very slow.

Hey @niranjan_kumar the team is actively working on this and it should be resolved soon.
How’s the loading now btw?

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@Shawnpinto No progress. UI feels little bit boxy

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@Shawnpinto I think latest updated fixed slowness. App feels faster compared to old version.
But still I don’t like Account and Investments rectangle tab switch over part.

@niranjan_kumar Ah yes, the app release did make things a bit quicker.

Oh? Can you let us know what exactly you didn’t like? Was it the colour, animation, or how its placed?