UI linked to account balance?

Is Jupiter UI somehow linked with account balance ? This morning after a transfer balance was > 50k and I noticed the account balance shifted to center, the debit card/save buttons moved up and transactions moved up. After making another transaction balance is now < 50k and now I’ve old UI i.e. account shifted to left, buttons moved down…

Is it the expected behaviour or a bug or app randomly changes UI elements ?

@Shawnpinto any ideas ?

Hey, @nareshk I don’t think this is the case.
The tab for the icons had been removed for some users. Probably for all. The team is testing a few things for the home page.

Are you able to make it appear willingly? :thinking:

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My ui is the first one while my friend has the second one :neutral_face:

no I’m not able to switch willingly, its happening randomly, initially I thought its linked with balance but that was a coincidence… do you know why jts switching randomly ?

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I like the 2nd one but mostly getting 1st one. switching randomly…

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@nareshk How often does it switch between the two?

Same here, I love the second one. To me it switches once in a month or so but returns back to the first view within a day or two.

My qr code scanner button is in the bottom middle part :joy:. Many have it in the button right part

I have icons : save, portfolio, debit card, invite

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till now 2nd flow opened once a day…

We had released a version of the new homepage layout last week to some users (The one with the icons) but had to remove it since it had some issues.

Once it’s good to go, we’re going to push it out this week in a phased manner.


Is this coming in .31 ?