"Transfers" Screen showing "Set Up Debit Card" welcome screen on fresh app install of existing activated card user after enabling card auto-sleeping after midnight

  • Date and time of the bug: 6th December 2021 2:46AM Version 1.5.2
  • Action:
  1. Turned On Auto Sleep Card at night in old phone earlier during day (several days ago)
  2. Installed the app on my new phone (but not Opened)
  3. Opened App after midnight when card is sleeping
  4. Opened the “Transfer” Tab to Open Transfers Screen
  • Expected result:
  1. Transfers Tab would show transfer options - UPI (with setup instruction) and Bank Transfers
  2. Card would show as sleeping above the two options.
  • Actual result:
    1Trasnfers Tab shows “Set Up Debit Card” and “Benefits” as it does to First Time App Users every time.

  • Device name and model: Mi 11X

  • Reproducibility: Multiple Times until I had to turn on the card (“awake”) and refresh the Transfers Screen to reveal the two transfer options.

  • Connection type: WifI

  • Name of the cellular/ Wi-Fi provider: BSNL

  • Screenshots/video: Cannot Share, please implement this feature.

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Oh! This one seems interesting. Good find @Debosmit_Majumder. We’ll try to reproduce the same. I’ll update you soon :slight_smile:

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