Card doesn't wake from sleep during Sleeping/within 7AM

  • Card doesn’t wake from sleep manually when sleeping/within 7 AM.

  • Every time I try to Wake, messages notifying reactivation of Sleep Mode are sent consecutively - which means only the Activation of Sleep Mode Request is going through and not the Deactivation one.

  • MIUI 13, Android 12, Xiaomi Mi 11X, App Version 1.5.26

  • Troubleshooting performed - cleared app data/reinstalled app/change mobile data to Wi-Fi and vice versa.

Possible fix:
Instead of Wake and Sleep being two separate POST requests, use a single POST method to alternate as true/false.


The delay in debit card sleep/ wake mode is probably due to this backend shortcoming.

Edit: OK, I see you’re having an issue with the manual process and not the scheduled automated one.

Yeah I checked all the threads. For the automated one, I had a bug report of another issue: “Transfers” Screen showing “Set Up Debit Card” welcome screen on fresh app install of existing activated card user after enabling card auto-sleeping after midnight - Bug hunters :lady_beetle: - Jupiter Community


Thanks for the bug report! @Debosmit_Majumder

I’ll let the team know regarding this one and test it out. Will send an update here.

Could it be possible this was due to maintenance over at Federal Bank’s servers? They were down a few hours, both day n night yesterday.

Might be a coincidence, but I have faced this four times in last week, before I finally put it to a test case today.

Until 6:59 AM, it wasn’t getting activated, but just as the clock hit 7:00 AM, it instantly woke up from sleep

Yep, I see their servers still go down like clockwork. Call it “scheduled maintenance”, but if you need to shut down the servers for a few hours, every single day, that doesn’t sound very stable to me.

Not happy with federal’s schenanigans so far.

Here’s a rant -

The current banking ecosystem is wierd - even if Jupiter puts up with the best system design, the core banking API are hard to change - or as per babus of the bank - too risky to change.

So unless the banks containerize the platform for neobanks and allow them to work on optimizing the core APIs and cron jobs, it’s a patchwork like now. CC @Jiten

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I hear you. No matter how good we improve our services, what’s the point if the underlying infrastructure remains a mess? Hopefully RBI will step in and lengthen that leash for neobanks.

We’re aware of this one. There’s some delay due to which cards remain in sleep mode for slightly more time. We are working on a fix for this.

Servers also need rest like you need rest.

:sweat_smile: They don’t need rest, they need instant staging copies.


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The card will sleep between 12:00am to 12:40am and awake between 6:00am to 6:40am.

When you’re using this the next time, could you try the sleep feature around 1am to 5:45am? It should be instant :zap:

Yes sure. But my issue is with manually waking the card between 6 to 7 PM

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Bro what is the solution for this. customercare saying to order new card

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That’s probably an uninformed customer support agent. This has nothing to do with your card.