Typo in Debit Card settings

Sleep settings for debit is 12am - 6am. It shows here 12am - 6pm.

Needs fix.

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It’s great to have you back, @iimashfaaq! :+1:

Yes…Checked and I can confirm the same…
It is showing as 6 PM instead of 6 AM
That’s a good catch… :clap: :clap: :clap:

Hey how you took the screenshot of it.

No it don’t. The timing is correct just written wrong.

iPhones can take screenshots in financial apps.

Oh wow amazing. But I take the screen shot in all my other app it’s just jupiter that don’t allow it. I think jupiter forgot to add restriction on iphone or iPhone dont provide restriction option for any app.

Ability to take screenshots is an inherent setting within IOS

We need to have a look at the time range here.
@here for others, does it appear as 6pm as well?

Yes…It is showing as 12 AM-6 PM

Yes. It appears as 12 am to 6 pm for me as well.

Yes its showing till 6pm

This is a bug indeed.
It’s raised internally and should be fixed.

Thanks for raising it @iimashfaaq.
We would like to send you some :jewel: for helping us find this bug. Reaching out to you through DMs for details.

And everyone else, thanks for confirming! :mag: :lady_beetle:


Yes. It’s showing as 12 am to 6 pm for me as well.

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Cool, glad I could help out the team.

Thank you.


Thank you so much, @iimashfaaq, for spotting that bug! :+1: :+1:
In the words of Shawn, “Even though it may be a minor issue, every element in the app matters.” (this is the response I got from him when I found a minor bug earlier, and I never thought I could get some jewels for it :rofl:)
Since Shawn has already taken this issue to the relevant team, I recommend marking his response as the “Solution” and closing this thread.
By the way, enjoy the jewels and congratulations on earning the bug hunter badge (which you may receive as a bonus) :cool_doge: :cool_doge: :jewel:

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