Ticket to world cup

Hello Jupiter community!

I came across the transaction history in the “Ticket to World Cup” quest. The app is showing the campaign duration as 12th September to 15th October, 2023.

But, It is only considering the transaction till 15th of September. I think there’s a issue in the backend system regarding the duration.

Hai @Suprith_Badiger Nice to see you back :v:t2:
Please refer to this thread for more info:

Further, you can raise the issue via the chat option on the app for a quicker resolution. :+1:t2:

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I have already completed 5 milestones, for 6th milestone it is not considering any transactions

@Suprith_Badiger The issue is already mentioned on the previous thread I have shared :+1:t2:
Maybe, It is some temporary technical error.
As you can see, Me and my fellow community friends too faced the issue and the same is solved automatically.
Since there are lots of days to complete the milestone, you need not worry. I suggest you to wait for 1 or 2 days and try again a few transactions and see whether its solved or not (try 2 transactions) If not, use chat option and escalate the issue :+1:t2:

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