"There is issue with your identity verification"

Hello, this is Zoya Hayat. I am trying to open a savings account in Jupiter app. But at the step, where I had to shoot a video of my face and speak the numbers as come up on the screen, I am doing that everytime right, in a well lit room, keeping the face in the frame, speaking the numbers as exact shown on the screen loud and clear but jupiter gives out the notification as “there is an issue with your identity verification”, and now I am stuck there. Please look into it, why its happening. Where should I send my jupiter linked email id and mobile number to you for finding out the details?

@Zoya1 Please do the onboarding in a quite and well lit room. If there are any background sounds, it will not go through. Also, the background should be plain as far as possible.

Thanks for your reply. I did take care about all the things you asked for in here while doing the same, a few times, but didn’t work, lastly I am stuck with the error. Please look into it.

Same issue for me too

Same issue