The Latest Financial Frauds and Scams to Watch Out For

Cyber crime i already complaint and also FIR in nearest police station i have reported. I have Jupiter bank account from which transaction was done.

@Mnou007 I am seeing a lot of improvement in recovering money from scamsters. So that’s good news.

But the problem is that not everyone is caught. No 100% success rate.

I hope you get your money back.

I dont have knowledge how to proceed for that… if you really know steps to proceed further… i request you to guide me what things to do and whom to contact to get this resolved and get my lost amount… i will be very glad and thankful to you for your help…

@Abhinav_Goyal I am curious. How does a lawyer help?

Can we file a case against the police for not acting on the complaint?

I am interested as I haven’t heard of this solution before. Could you please elaborate?

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