Something Snapped - Frustrating Experience

Hello @JupiterTeam @Community_Team @Bankofthefuture @Jiten

Day by day the Jupiter App is giving such a pain. Most of the time when try to open the app, it throws SOMETHING SNAPPED error to face.

Also such a sluggish experience with the app. In such a crucial situation for checking the balance, Something Snapped is the only thing it shows.

The product team must seriously rework the app to cater the day to day needs of customers.


Hey @alanabraham , the bank is down for some time. This effects UPI and you might find the app to be a bit slow.

We’re currently getting it checked and will update.

Hi @Shawnpinto

Issue which I mentioned is I’m facing not only today. Most of the day I’m encountered this.

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Issue has been there since yesterday intermittently. Team is working on it to fix on priority .

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Looking forward for a quick fix. :+1:t4: Issues are most prominent since last build it seems.

Struggled with Jupiter for 15 minutes, finally paid by Phonepe.

Yes. we are acknowledging the issue and fixing it


I am getting “Something snapped! Something seems to be wrong here” on help section and no where else in app. To reproduce this error, keep on refreshing help section until something snapped shows up. @Shawnpinto

@gegobyte A couple of users reported this issue as well. We are aware of it.
Getting it fixed :hammer_and_wrench:

I have been getting something snapped message, and can’t access App, for almost a week still not fixed by customer care they always say that your issue has been solved but issue is technical customer care can’t sovle it

Bank is down completely! Something snapped error pops up and can’t even login it, support team can’t handle issues properly, they say your issue is resolved, but still not solved yet.

@rishad_abdul_rasheed Hey! Is this happening right now?