Sharing Account Details from App

I know there is button to share account details. Here are some enhancements:

1 => Include SWIFT code in the text (this will help receiving money internationally)

2 => Instead of ‘Federal’, write ‘Federal Bank’ (this will help foreigners to understand bank name more quickly)

Check attached image

This is a minute change in codebase, only some strings will need to be changed.


This isn’t specific to whatsapp, it’s about the ‘share account details’ feature through which A/C details can be shared in any app.


Got it :+1:t4:

I can’t find this easy share button now. All I see on Android is an option to copy and paste. That too, just the numbers without any context ie. the account number, IFSC code etc. without the pretext.

Please bring this back! :roll_eyes: