Referee name showing two times

Hi @Shawnpinto

Referee name showing two times after introduction of new referral system

On old referral System i have referred two friends but unfortunately due to some problem there account is not open but showing pending on my referral list as the Name showing as (Loka and Lipun) saved on my contract list

On new referral system i again referred them and they successfully opened there account

Below image for better understanding

Hey @Satyajit_Singh thanks for letting us know.
We’ll get this checked :blob_thanks:

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Hey @Satyajit_Singh

We’ve fixed this. Can you check again and let us know how it’s appearing?

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Yes absolutely it got fixed :raised_hands: :ok_hand:

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Thanks a lot for showing this bug to us. We got it fixed thanks to you :slight_smile:
Oh and, another :gift: for you!

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Hey @Shawnpinto

Thanks for this gift :gift:
It is special for me because today is something special

Today is my Birthday :birthday: :partying_face:

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Omg you’re right! There’s a cake next to your name :exploding_head:

Happy birthday, @Satyajit_Singh ! :birthday: :tada:

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Thank you
U made my day

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