Referral name showing two times

My friend name showed two times after she completed video kyc.

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Maybe she tried to make the Jupiter account Two. But on the first time back down.

No, she opened the account 10 days before, but today she completed video kyc.

No,on the first time the account was not opened. She just entered and pressed the back button maybe. Maybe she entered the name only. Or maybe used different number different time. By the way, it’s not a big issue. But definitely something different should have done by her for this two time error other wise many people should face the same issue.

Hmm… Yeah the Jupiter Team should investigate what happened.

Hey @Abhinav_Goyal

I want to clarify that she created her account on 30th June and completed a debit card transaction on the same day. Both of us also receive Jewels on the same day.

But she completed video kyc on 9th july, and after this her name was shown two times.

Hi @Shawnpinto, could you investigate this one.

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@Satyajit_Singh In the first case, your friend created an account and the jewels were received.
Later, a 2nd attempt was made to make another account with a different phone number.
The details were recorded at that time, that’s why it appears twice.

Note - The account won’t get created, but it did get recorded.

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I knew it, it have to be another number.