Bug in Refer and earn Contact

  • Friends who already joined Jupiter showing in the Contact list

  • When i click on the name (who already joined), showing me👇

Even my number is also showing in the list and as i can see, Friends who joined more than 1 years ago showing in the list.

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Can confirm the same. :+1:
Friends who have already registered with Jupiter are displayed on the invitation list. When clicked, as you shared, a message saying “Your friend is already on Jupiter” appears.
My friends who joined have only created an account and have not made any debit transactions to qualify for the referral bonus. Don’t know whether that’s the reason for showing them on the invitation list

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In my case, 3 friends are showing in the list, who already joined Jupiter and also made transactions.

It’s possible that the number on the contact list is different from the number when your friend created an account.
Is this the case?

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That should not be the case, Shawn.
In my situation, it’s not the case.
If they had used a different phone number, when selecting their names, the app should have sent them the invitation link or request. However, what actually happens is that a pop-up message saying “Your friend is already on Jupiter” appears.

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This pop up says your friend is already on Jupiter though :thinking:

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No, they have registered with the Jupiter with same contact number which was shown in the list.

Shawn, @Satyajit_Singh have already shared the screenshot for reference, where the pop is shown. So it is better to give Jupiter logo or space fire themed colours for the existing users (already created accounts)
Since sending money to the phone number feature is under development, it would be a great addition if existing users get some identity marks :+1:

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That’s a great idea.

This is not a bug.

For now, If you search for a contact that you’ve invited/onboarded, It shows the contact and the invite button next to the name.

I think the concern is the confusion around why does it show “invite” in the first place if they’re already on Jupiter?

The only way to find out is by clicking on the button, you will receive a pop up “They’re already on Jupiter”

A marker would be great here. Nice suggestion!

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