I have 1 known big Jupiter team give a personal platform

If I share here it will it be a lose too you so I need some link or quick call to share my bug which find personally.

@Kalyan_Birra Must be personal! No worries.
I’ll connect with you on DM to understand this bug better.


There is a bug in the refferal program … please fix it

@Blceye What’s the bug? Let us know what you’ve found please :face_with_monocle:

The refferal is not updating in the application. If the referee correctly inviting a person but the application is not responding

It stills shows 0 invites the refferal program is not perfect check it and correct it . My friends also reported me that it isn’t working.

Got it. Thanks for sharing this @Blceye
Let’s look into this.

Pinging you directly for additional details :slight_smile:

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Even I know one bug maybe it could be technical problem.

I was trying to make payment on CRED and I selected the Jupiter app for the payment so I was re-direct to app and I clicked On (Check Balance) but its not responding! I mean its now showing the balance.

@Blceye It should be fine for you now. Let us know!
@CarolinMerces Hey! Is it still happening for you?

Perfect :heart:


yes @CarolinMerces

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Yes is still happening ): @Shawnpinto

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Let me ping you on DM to get this checked for you @CarolinMerces :slight_smile:
Oh and, happy community anniversary! We can see the cake next to your name :cake: :birthday:


Ohh yeah, today 1 year completed😍

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