Jupiter App - INVITES (Requests)

Invited users can onboard instantly, no need to wait.

  • Also, referrer gets benefits :

  • Find Invite section (scroll down on main screen) :

You can invite friends from contacts…

New Visitors can request for invites in this post,

Surely this great community can help you onboard at the earliest.



For ios users only 2invites available and not yet rolled out.

I want one invite ticket i m a new user for android please can anyone help…if someone have extra ticket please share me…

I need a invite link to open account, kindly provide if possible


https://jupiter.onelink.me/RQbE/jupahbya here you go @Prakash_Nyshadham

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Hi charan,

A big thanks for link but it is projecting waitlist, I don’t know what to do, do you have any suggestions for this?

That shouldn’t be happened if you really installed the app using the invite link. Can you provide the photo of waitlist you are facing. Did you started the onboarding process just after installing the app using the invite link.

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