Bug that shows two kind of referal system on same app

I couldnt upload the video here and cant screen record (thats why low quality ).

Using the badges in the bottom of homescreen, i am reaching to the old referal system of inviting only 2 people.

On clicking referal button on top of the homescreen, i can accesa new system of referals. :joy:

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Uh oh. This shouldn’t have happened. The old referral was removed :face_with_monocle:

Question. Are you using the Playstore build? Let me know the app version.

This video helps a lot. @Aswin_Benny
We’ll try to reproduce this and get back to you.

Good find! Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile:

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I am using playstore version

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Thanks! Got it :+1:t3:

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Hey @Aswin_Benny , Can you check if it’s still occurring for you? This was fixed in v1.5.32

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Its fixed. Cant see now

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Yay! Thanks @Aswin_Benny
You’re on a bug hunting streak :star_struck:
:beetle: :mag:

Psst…Your rewards are on the way :eyes:


Thnx for the reward jupiter :zap::zap: